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Solutions – Process

Unbiased and transparent – mannered advise

We aim to develop a plan for you. The key questions:

What do you want to achieve?

We always seek to reflect the multi-faceted elements of you life – personal, family and corporate interests – in managing your wealth.

We see it as a journey – taking small steps, gradually gaining trust and respect through sound advise and results.



Control Federal Preservation of your Wealth

Establishing a clear, legal wealth structuring plan now will allow you to stay in control of your wealth and preserve it for future generations.

Most high net worth families face many complex estate planning challenges, from owning assets in multiple countries to having heirs living permanently abroad. A proper structuring of the legal entities holding the families wealth will allow you to preserve your assets for the long term, while retaining the flexibility and control required to address your evolving needs.

A good wealth structuring plan will also:

At Avixfcu, working with you and your advisors, we design and implement international trust or other fiduciary solutions to help you overcome these types of challenges and meet your financial objectives. We have an established and successful history of partnering with prominent professional advisors such as tax specialists and accountants throughout the world, to develop effective solutions for our clients.

We work alongside your third-party providers as well as your own tax or legal advisors to customize a plan which meets your unique needs. This “open architecture” philosophy, which is reflected throughout our organization, allows us to build closer relationships with our clients and offer them the best solutions available.

Avixfcu offers the following fiduciary solutions:

International Trust Services

We can structure and administer a range of trusts to meet your needs.

International Companies

Your situation may call for an international company (or companies) in combination with one or more trusts.


We can help establish and administer a foundation for charitable, family or private purposes.

Holding companies to own personal assets such as investments and property. A holding company could help mitigate the income and inheritance taxes that might otherwise be payable if investments were held directly and keep the identity of shareholders private. They can also protect assets from possible seizure in a country in which the shareholder is resident.

Trust Management Services

  • Establishing inter vivos or testamentary trusts
  • Acting as trustee or co-trustee to assure reliable trust administration
  • Serving as corporate trustee of trusts that have direct investments in operating companies, real estate, or other private investments

Administering Estates: Serving as executor, co-executor, or
personal representative to:

    • Carry out the wishes expressed in your will in a timely, efficient manner
    • Protect and distribute your assets


  • Manage taxes

Business Advisory

You understand your business better than anyone else.

Growth can be achieved by exploring different ideas, and receiving different perspectives.

Together with AWM Business Specialist we can work closely to understand your business, and find growth opportunities, and find cost-effective opportunities as well.

Your success becomes our success, and together we can help you achieve your financial goals:

You have spent countless hours, and made many sacrifices to create and ensure the success of your business. Protecting the fruits of your labor is a key component of your business’ success, and together with an AWM Business Specialist you can protect your business by tailoring a plan specific to your business, and your concerns.

Estate Planning

    • Mufti-generational wealth transfer strategies
    • Charitable giving strategies
    • Trustee services estate planning
    • Creation of private foundations and donor-advised fund
    • Plain Legacy Transfer

  • Review Charitable Giving
  • Review Private Family Foundations
  • Review Beneficiaries

Business Advisory

  • Succession Planning – Preparing a path of succession for a smooth and equitable transition of your business interests that considers your goals and provides benefits to owners and partners.
  • Cross-Purchase Agreement – Cross-selling agreements for business partners
  • Entity Purchase Agreement –

We help families to protect private assets and to ensure continuity and privacy.

Our wealth management services include:

  • Private banking
  • Discretionary investment management
  • Investment advisory
  • Mutual funds

Creation and administration of:

  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Foundations
  • Private trust companies

Business interests

  • Recognizing that your business interests form an integral part of your wealth
  • Ensuring our recommendations take this into account
  • A possible sounding board on business issues
  • Helping with certain financial implications of business ownership and privacy (typically over $1 mill)